General Info

The endpoints has 15 seconds to accept the event. If a success HTTP status code has not been returned within these 15 seconds, the event will be discarded.


The webhooks authenticate against the endpoints using API key authentication:

POST /usage
Host: www.example.com
Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: OUR-API-KEY

The webhooks is served over HTTPS. To ensure data privacy, unencrypted HTTP is not supported.


Sample of Usage:

{ "time":         "2018-01-01 01:23:45",
  "bill_id":      "1234567890-1234",
  "sim_id":       "192837465",
  "country_code": "dk",
  "operation":    "finalize",
  "upload":       "0",
  "download":     "0" }

Network Validation

Sample of Network Validation:

{ "time":         "2018-01-01 01:23:45",
  "sim_id":       "192837465",
  "imei":         "1234567890987654",
  "country_code": "dk" }

Network Registration

Sample of Network Registration:

{ "time":                  "2018-01-01 01:23:45",
  "sim_id":                "192837465",
  "imei":                  "1234567890987654",
  "country_code":          "dk",
  "country_code_previous": "de" }